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My primary energy patterns align with the “fixer,” the “doer,” & the “perfectionist.”

I’ve left the opposites of those energies in my shadows, because disowned energies are uncomfortable.

Under each primary energy pattern is a vulnerability the mind is subconsciously pushing down. It takes force to keep a primary energy down. Just like holding a beach ball under water–you’ll be able to get it below the surface if you apply constant tension, but at some point it’s going to pop back up.  And even if you can hold them down for a while, these energies don’t go away.


Like the beach ball, I hit a point along my journey where I could no longer hold things down. My primary energies were drained. I lived too long out of balance.

While balance is a moving target, you can learn a lot by paying attention to what you’re holding tightly onto that’s providing you comfort. What’s comfortable/familiar is not bad…what’s familiar is what you organically adapted in a time of need at some point along the way.

You Can’t Only Stay with What You Know

But that which is comfortable/familiar is only a part what’s available to you. And it’s very limiting if you only stay with what you know.


What’s uncomfortable–what’s lurking in your shadows–is scary for the simple fact that it’s unknown.

We have this weird relationship with the unknown as we simultaneously are afraid of what we don’t know, yet it’s the very things in our life that rose out of uncertainty that enhance our lives.

Marriage, kids, literally every technology, wisdom – EVERYTHING we love was something unknown at one point. As I walk this path deeper into the shadows, I encourage you to peek into yours.

What are your primary energies? What are you disowning?

I share more on this on this weeks podcast link below!


Have an AWESOME week!



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