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Training For All Fitness Levels

Our small group classes offer energetic coaching and personalized attention to each participant. Every workout at In30Fit is geared for every body. The small group training classes allow our coaches to get to know you, so they are able to coach you to your goals in a safe, encouraging, and motivating environment. Following a monthly workout plan designed to touch on all muscle groups for comprehensive training, our classes provide opportunities to tailor each session for various fitness levels. Our circuit training style incorporates a variety of exercises, including strength, cardio, abdominal work, and stretching. Each workout is efficiently designed to maximize time spent and results gained. Each class starts with a warm-up and exercise demonstration, then the workout, finishing with cool-down stretching.

Weight Loss
Cardio + Strength

Our youth fitness program is designed to teach your kids proper movement and show them the benefits of exercise in a fun way so that they build a healthy foundation.


40 Minute Workout

Ages 8-12


The goal for our Autism Fitness is to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for your whole family. Our mission is to empower the lives of children with autism and their families through fitness & nutrition guided by fitness professionals with a board-certified behavior analyst on staff to help with additional behavior needs. We know that as a parent of a son or daughter with Autism, it’s a struggle to find resources and programs to fit your child’s needs. We’ve heard too many horror stories of kids and young adults with Autism getting kicked out of local gyms…your Autism athlete is safe here to have a fitness center+ gym where they belong!

Your First Week is on Us

Curious what we’re all about?  We would love to show you how fun working out at IN30FIT can be!  Come try unlimited classes on us!  We know you’ll love it!

Personal Training

If your preference is for one-on-one coaching, we will work with you to create a program just for you. One-on-one training is for all levels, from those just incorporating a fitness routine into their lives to elite athletes. We want each individual to achieve his or her goals.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your priority, we are here to work with you on exercise and nutrition to set a realistic, achievable and sustainable weight loss plan. This extra program can be added to your small group class membership.

Strength + CARDIO

Strength-focused workouts are paired with our high-intensity interval training to give our members the foundation to build stronger, leaner, and healthier bodies.


This early morning class offered on Wednesdays is the perfect way to start your day. A shortened flow to meet In30 Fit’s regular schedule, this 40-45 minute class covers strength, core, balance and flexibility postures. The class concludes in savasana, allowing attendees to stay as little or as long as their schedule allows. Walk out and start your day energized, focused and centered.

what our members are saying


“If you’re looking for a challenge no matter your fitness level, this is the perfect place! The coaches are incredible and so are the members. The workouts will challenge you but never injure you. You can literally start wherever you are in your fitness journey. This is a place that can remove the “gym” stigma. I highly recommend..”


I am so happy that I found this place

“I am so excited and happy that I found this place! I was having such a difficult time getting out of this rut and getting back in the gym after having some time away from my regiment and In30 made it easy for me and enjoyable to get back into it.”





Gym H0urs

Monday-Friday: 5am – 11pm

Saturday: 5am – 10pm

Sunday: 5am – 9pm