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Happy Monday!

Learn from the Past, but don’t live in it!

Here are 3 Key Takeaways for this week’s Podcast (Monday Motivation):

  1. When we put our past on a pedestal, thinking about how good it used to be, we minimize our current life. Not focusing attention to the here and now is only going to continue to make our current reality worse. 
  2. When we look back at “better times,” we practice selective memory and focus on the positives of a time period. Yet at every point in our life, there has been good, bad and ugly. 
  3. TODAY…This YEAR…is all we have. The past is over and the future has not happened yet. Do as much as you can to change your mind, environment, physical Being–and whatever else you feel is holding you back–in order to enjoy TODAY as much as possible.

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Happy Monday!

Here are 5 Key Takeaways for this week’s Monday Motivation about Vulnerability:

  1. To love yourself is to be vulnerable.
    a. You may not love yourself and if that’s the case, that’s okay. Many times we see ourselves the least clearly of anyone. The actual reality is that you’re pretty fucking amazing–you just aren’t giving yourself enough credit!
    b. Just as you would spend time doing any other task, take time to reflect on all that you do each day for yourself and others. Then appreciate it.

2. When you can own your shit, there is nothing anyone can do to you. You become invincible.

3. When people say mean stuff, it’s on them not you. Their lack of humanity is not your problem. You can’t fix/change them anyway, so don’t waste any energy caring about it.

4. When you start to feel uncomfortable about something, face it:
a. Identify what it is you fear and struggle with
b. Find objectivity

5. The vulnerability game like everything else is a practice. Be patient with yourself.

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