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Palm Beach County Gym’s Re-Open! Here’s What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe


We Are OPEN! 

What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe

1. Controlled Experience From Entry To Exit:

  • We are limiting the amount of people in the lobby to 4 once, so if you see 4 or more in the lobby when you are walking in, please wait outside for people to pass through.
  • As soon as you walk in, there will be sanitizer, we are asking that EVERYONE uses it.
  • We are asking everyone to put their shoes on, on the workout floor in their own space rather than in the lobby.
  • We are keeping our lobby door open and our back door (near bathroom) propped open to limit regular touching of handles.
  • For any membership/billing question, please email we will handle it there (please do not message on facebook as it can be very hard to track).
  • We will take care of what we can via email otherwise call you asap.

2. 8 FEET APART Social Distancing – Stationary Shred:

  • You’ll get your own equipment & your own space, 8 feet apart!
  • There will be designated spaces for each individual with the equipment needed for the workout, labeled “Beginner,” “Moderate” & “Advanced.”

3. Heighten Sanitization & Cleaning:

  • Sanitizer stations upon entry.
  • We are requiring ALL members to clean the equipment they used after use.
  •  There will be 14 spray bottles, 9 trash cans and plenty of paper towels and/or wipes.
  • We’re getting two sinks in the studio! One will arrive within next week, another first week of June.
  • Coaches will be cleaning in between workout times  and we have a cleaner who will be cleaning daily!

4. Knocking Out Stress With Your Own Gloves!

  •  No more sharing gloves OR wraps so you will need your own pair of each.
  • We are selling our used – DISINFECTED gloves for $15. Note, we had a professional company come in and disinfect these gloves.
  • We will be running a sale and putting in a big order this week or you can bring your own!
  • Boxing will start back June 2nd so we have plenty of time for everyone to get their own gloves.
  • Boxing will only and always be Tues/Thursdays only so you always know what days you’ll need your gloves.

5. NO Contact:

  • We are digitizing all forms so you can access your phone.
  • As soon as you come in, you will have a key tag where you’ll scan to check into studio. Note, signing up ahead of time is to reserve your time, checking in upon entry is to checkin.
  • Until we have the scan tags, please sanitize your hands after checking in on the ipad.
  • There will be verbal cueing only.

6. Additional Start Times and all times spaced one hour apart.

7. Required B.Y.O.M. & towel.

You will be required to bring your own mat or towel to lay on.

8. Continued Online LIVE Coaching & Regularly Updated Membership Website.

9. Advanced Scheduling & Membership Changes

  • You will be required to sign up ahead for on mindbody – no walkins.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so there is plenty of time.

10. In & Out!

We’re going to continue to have fun during your time in the studio and outside of workout times with scheduled social distancing – socials, but we will be keeping people moving after their workout time to keep everyone safe.

11. Foam Rolling:

  • While we will not be providing foam rollers or balls for the near future, you are welcome to bring your own to use before the scheduled start time.
  • We will also have some for purchase.

12. Clean & Sanitize Air Flow

  • All of our fans have been thoroughly cleaned and we will continue to do so.
  • We are working with our landlord to look into additional precautions for our air conditioning system.

13. COVID19 Liability Waivers: 

14. We are NOT requiring you to wear a mask when you exercise as its very dangerous for several reasons. Please see this video Joe did with WFSB Channel 3:

If you have any questions or concerns, comment below or email us

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